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+ PHP Engineer

More than 1 year web development experience, familiar with python / php / thrift / MySQL / redis and other web technologies. Familiar linux development environment and write shell scripts.

+ Web Backend Engineer

Good logical thinking ability, and master one to two kinds of back-end languages (Python / PHP / Ruby / Ruby), with good code writing habits. More than 1 year WEB related project development experience, knowledge and used MySQL / Redis technology.

+ Business Development Manager

Familiar with the network model of cooperation channels and means, there is a network marketing experience. Familiar with the business development process, learn to grasp customer needs, strong public relations skills.

+ Android Senior Development Engineer

Proficient in Java programming language, multi-threaded, annotations, generics, reflecting a deep understanding. More than three years Android development experience, proficiency in custom ui component, the familiar Android JNI and SDK development.

Candidates please send CV to hr@openenow.com
We are such a team
Talent is our the most valuable wealth, we provide a good space for development, with the company to grow rapidly. Passion, responsibility, execution is the precious quality of our every employee.
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